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Post Frame Building Kit

If you like our buildings, our superior quality and design, but would like to erect the building yourself for an experience or to save money, we do offer complete kits for our buildings. We still go through the consultation process to ensure you’re getting the building you need for the site you have. We then quote your building as a kit that’s delivered to your jobsite. Your kit will then be delivered to your jobsite. We will be available throughout the construction for support.

Post Frame Building Kits Include:

Instruction Manual
Foundation Footings
Columns/Wall Girts/Roof Purlins/Bracing
Steel Siding/Roofing/Trim
All Miscellaneous Accessories
Insulation/Interior Liners/Ventilation Systems
All Hardware/Fasteners/Screws/Bolts
Customer Service & Construction Assistance
Post Frame Building Kit