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Why Montana Post Frame?


Our Process

What we offer our customers is a one stop source for their project. It all starts by having a conversation with an experienced Customer Relations Representative here at Montana Post Frame. This consultant will help you through all the stages of your project. There are many things to consider when purchasing and constructing a building. Our consultants will help with you with any site issues or concerns. A well-built building starts with a well-designed site and site preparation. Our consultants will visit the site to see if there is anything to factor in or that may change the way the building should be designed or built. From there the consultant will help with building design. Often times you may know what you want to put in the building or use the building for, but do not know how big or how the functionality of the building should be laid out. Our consultants will work with your budget to maximize your buildings use and function while fitting within your means. If the project needs to be financed, we offer some great finance packages to help, and our consultants will help you with this as well.

There are some definite do’s and don’ts in post frame buildings, and our professional and skilled consultants will walk you through the process to ensure an economical and functional building will be designed to fit within your budget and fulfill your building needs.

Our crews are highly trained and skilled in the construction industry with many years of experience amongst them. Our priority in the installation process is quality. Our crews take pride in their work and uphold a high standard of quality. We firmly believe that quality is better than quantity. All buildings go through our “Quality Control Checklist”. This ensures proper installations of products and quality work.

The crews perform work in a safe manner towards themselves and other personal in the vicinity. All work is performed above standard practices. Installation is typically quick on our buildings depending upon the complexity. Montana Post Frame provides General Contracting services, in which we handle not only the construction of the shell of the building, but also any plumbing, electrical, insulation, or any other service needed in your building. All subcontract work is scheduled in the most economical way. Montana Post Frame has a long list of qualified subcontractors to perform various tasks across the region.

In today’s technology, local is not local as it was 50 years ago. We feel that we are a local company to Montana and the surrounding states. The money you spend on your building will funnel through to local jobs, and local taxes. By purchasing one of our buildings, your money is helping local jobs and is generating local taxes to help with the local economy.

Design & Engineering
All of our buildings whether a standard or custom building go through engineering. All buildings are designed for snow, wind, and seismic loading. We use the exact coordinates of your building location to determine these loads. Also, we don’t just use the minimum standards to cheapen the building to get the job. We go above minimum standards since we know what Mother Nature can do here in the Northern States.

Montana Post Frame does custom design and engineering even for the most unique buildings. We work hand in hand with building departments and the state government to assure that code is met and our buildings are approved.

Montana Post Frame is insured for liability. We can be bonded if need be. And we are licensed with the State Government in the states we service. We have workers compensation for all employees. Any proof need, we will provide.

Energy Conscious
Montana Post Frame performs research and development on a continuing basis. We are always researching on how to have better higher quality products that have less negative impact on Earth. We look for more innovative and sustainable ways to do things.

Follow Up
The great thing about Montana Post Frame, is that once your building is completed, we don’t disappear. We are always available for any service needed after your building is completed. We stand behind our product warranties and our craftsmanship warranties.

Once you purchase a building from us, you belong to our family. We care about your satisfaction.